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    Why you need to wear less clothing…

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    Etape Caledonia 2014 Review

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    Choosing a bike – what bike do I ride?

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    Group Riding Skills..

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When I started road cycling I was lucky – I could already ride a bike (or so I thought) and I had two experts to guide me through..

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Step up to a sportive with Macmillan Cycletta

I wrote a post recently about how to find an organised ride to get you started on the cycling path. This morning I got a postcard from the Macmillan Cycletta team and this reminded me to tell you about these women only rides which are a great way to step up your experience to riding in a group event.   Read more →

At last I have learned how to repair a puncture.

Last Sunday I sacrificed the club run to go to a women only cycle maintenance class at my local branch of Evans Cycles. It was brilliant; really informative and enjoyable.

The session was run in the workshop by one of the shop’s mechanics with just 2 others on my session gathered round a bike on a stand.  (The maximum number on a class is 6.) Laurence the mechanic was very friendly and the atmosphere relaxed so we felt comfortable asking him all the “I know this sounds stupid but…” basic questions we were dying to ask.   Read more →

We need to talk about insurance…

Now I do not wish to put a downer on our cycling adventures but I have to ask – have you thought about insurance? I am not talking about getting your bike nicked (though that is obviously important) but about crashing into someone at while you are out on your bike. Say you overcook a corner on a social ride and take out a cycling buddy who is injured? Are you covered if they sue you for damages?   Read more →

Have you been stretching?

Have you been stretching?

I have a sore back since Sunday’s club run (48.5 miles – hilly since you’re asking). I normally get a good stretch on a Tuesday when I go to Pilates but this week’s class is cancelled. Really I know I should be doing more especially as cycling is actually one of the few types of exercise that causes muscle shortening. So you do need to work on your flexibility to prevent poor posture and risk of injury.

My husband spent last autumn off the bike and unable to walk properly with what we thought was sciatica or piriformis syndrome. Not heard of piriformis syndrome? Neither had we but it fitted the symptoms experienced.   Read more →