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    Why you need to wear less clothing…

    Stop over-heating on the bike. Read More

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    Etape Caledonia 2014 Review

    Did you ride it? Find out what it was like… Read More

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    Choosing a bike – what bike do I ride?

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    Group Riding Skills..

    What you need to know.. read more

When I started road cycling I was lucky – I could already ride a bike (or so I thought) and I had two experts to guide me through..

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The morning ride part two – are you an early riser?

As I no longer have a cycling commute I am trying to fit some weekly rides around the 9-5 of work. I have generally found the early morning works best for me, mainly because it gets exercising out of the way before everything else gets in the way. If I leave it until after work I’m more likely to find reasons not to go.   Read more →

Sometimes it really is worth getting up early to go out

  Read more →

Cycling Club “Advice to Road Riders” part two – Group Riding

I thought I would share some more advice regarding riding in a group. As a club we aim to ride with consideration to other road users and defensively to increase safety.

From the beginning of road riding I was advised to stay in a compact group as this makes it easier for car drivers to overtake, so we now try and split into smaller groups on a club ride. We are also advised to ride 2 abreast on all but narrow roads, don’t worry it’s in the highway code so you are allowed!   Read more →

New season – more kit required!

I think I’m starting to go a bit mad with my shopping list of new kit required now it’s the summer season.

So far I’ve bought a new groupset and some arm warmers which arrived today. The arm warmers were half price from one of my favourite online shops:   Read more →