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    Why you need to wear less clothing…

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    Etape Caledonia 2014 Review

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    Choosing a bike – what bike do I ride?

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    Group Riding Skills..

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When I started road cycling I was lucky – I could already ride a bike (or so I thought) and I had two experts to guide me through..

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Would these five changes actually help cyclists?

An interesting article on the BBC News Magazine written by Tom Heyden, explores the latest research and opinion on the following five cycling issues:   Read more →

Going Off-Road And Why To Buy From A Bike Shop

I just bought a new bike. And I didn’t even want one. Well that’s not strictly true, every cyclist is supposed to be permanently dreaming of their next purchase and mine was supposed to be a carbon road bike. But I have just bought what the makers call a “gravel bike”.

My husband recently bought a cyclo cross bike as he decided he wanted to go cycling off road again. When he first started cycling with his local club 30 years ago they used to cycle over the Cotswolds on their road bikes. (The mind boggles.)  And that meant I had to buy one too otherwise he would be going off road on his own. I wasn’t averse to this but I was persuaded that it would be good for my bike handling skills to join him. Plus I thought if had an extra training session per week he would get fitter than me and I would then never be able to keep up with him.   Read more →

  • Published: 20 October 2014
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Joined a club – wear the club jersey.

I picked up my first club jersey recently – I have now joined a tribe!

Up until now I have been wearing a discreet black Gore short sleeved cycling top which I have to say has been a fantastic buy – I must have washed it over a hundred times and it is as good as new. In fact most of my tops and jackets are Gore bike wear. You do pay more but it is really good quality kit and it lasts. I also have a pair of their full length winter leggings with fleecy lining which are very cosy in the winter months.   Read more →

  • Published: 14 October 2014
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Cycling Gilet: Why This Is The Jacket For (Almost) All Seasons

Yes another item of cycling clothing I didn’t know I needed!

So you would think a winter waterproof, a winter jacket , a cape and a long sleeved jersey would be all the jackets I could need. But no! As I have discovered over the last couple of months I have been missing another layer all these years – which is the gilet.   Read more →