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    Why you need to wear less clothing…

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    Etape Caledonia 2014 Review

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    Choosing a bike – what bike do I ride?

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    Group Riding Skills..

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When I started road cycling I was lucky – I could already ride a bike (or so I thought) and I had two experts to guide me through..

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High intensity training on the turbo trainer

I first heard about High Intensity Internal Training or HIIT when I read “The First 20 Minutes” by Gretchen Reynolds (an excellent read about the science behind exercise). Then Dr Michael Mosley had a go on the BBC’s Horizon programme “The Truth About Exercise”:

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The Turbo Trainer – how to train?

Now that the turbo trainer is set up I have to decide what to on it. There is no shortage of information on the internet. The sheer volume is overwhelming and you can easily end up with analysis paralysis.

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The Turbo Trainer Experiment Begins

I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a turbo trainer. My husband and I had debated whether to buy one all winter but didn’t do so thinking we did not have enough room, couldn’t justify the expense and that I would never use it. Quite a few of our fellow club members have them to keep fit over the winter which is the traditional time for indoor training. (My husband had also borrowed some rollers to try but decided they were a health and safety nightmare!)   Read more →

In praise of arm warmers!

Here I am modelling my arm warmers – up:

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