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    Etape Caledonia 2014 Review

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    Group Riding Skills..

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When I started road cycling I was lucky – I could already ride a bike (or so I thought) and I had two experts to guide me through..

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Cycling Club “Advice to Road Riders” part one – verbal commands

Our club handed out a leaflet at the club run yesterday called “Advice to Road Riders”. We had recently completed a club survey and I think a few must have mentioned etiquette as the club runs have been known to descend into anarchy!

From the leaflet it looks like the rides are going to get a bit more organised with a Ride Leader and Tail Ender to keep the group together and I was pleased to see the list of verbal commands explained. It was getting a bit confusing with various shouts of “Car up”, “Car Down” and “Car back” being issued and often at the same time.   Read more →

New puncture repair service

I still haven’t learned to repair a puncture (I know, I know) but now I may never need to learn.  I just read on Cycling Weekly about a new app called Kerbi that can send a puncture repair expert to you to fix your puncture on the spot.

The Kerbi service aims to sign up providers who will be proficient puncture repairers such as bike couriers or bike shops with customers who can’t repair a puncture or don’t want to get their hands dirty. The idea is you sign up for the service and if you get a puncture you send out an alert. Repair providers in the area respond and you select the one you wish to use. No cash is needed as payment is made securely via the app.   Read more →

The Recovery Ride

It seems a little strange but the first session of my training programme is a recovery ride but as I did do 42miles with the club yesterday I think it could be justified.

The theory around recovery has become increasingly sophisticated. In the old days it mainly included massage, rest (there’s an old pro maxim “never stand when you can sit and never sit when you can lie down”) and the recovery ride to loosen the legs.   Read more →

123 days to go and the question is how to train?

The Velothon Wales is 123 days or 17 weeks away and I need to work out the best way to train to be fit enough.

Last year I trained for the Etape Caledonia by cycling to work and back twice a week plus a long ride on a Sunday. The commute was a 20.4 mile round trip and the weekend ride never topped 55 miles. To be honest I think we were lucky that the Etape Caledonia was such a lovely easy route.   Read more →