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When I started road cycling I was lucky – I could already ride a bike (or so I thought) and I had two experts to guide me through..

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Joined a club – wear the club jersey.

I picked up my first club jersey recently – I have now joined a tribe!

Up until now I have been wearing a discreet black Gore short sleeved cycling top which I have to say has been a fantastic buy – I must have washed it over a hundred times and it is as good as new. In fact most of my tops and jackets are Gore bike wear. You do pay more but it is really good quality kit and it lasts. I also have a pair of their full length winter leggings with fleecy lining which are very cosy in the winter months.   Read more →

Cycling Gilet: Why This Is The Jacket For (Almost) All Seasons

Yes another item of cycling clothing I didn’t know I needed!

So you would think a winter waterproof, a winter jacket , a cape and a long sleeved jersey would be all the jackets I could need. But no! As I have discovered over the last couple of months I have been missing another layer all these years – which is the gilet.   Read more →

  • Published: 12 August 2014
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Be courteous to other road users out on the bike

We all know that participation and interest in cycling is going through a boom period in the UK.  We see more and more cyclists on the road every day, for pleasure, for commuting or as their means of transport.

For example years ago I ago there was a young guy at work who used to arrive on a skateboard (he was a graphic designer which we all felt explained this behaviour).  We both left this employment and next time I saw him to say hello he was on his daily commute on his road bike to catch the train. The time after that he was cycling through town towing his toddler behind him and on Saturday I saw him on his bike with his food shopping poking out of a rucksack! That is dedication to the cause.

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Heavens Above! Finding Motivation To Ride In The Rain.

It’s the Ride London – Surrey 100 today, the biggest closed road cycle event in the UK. I didn’t enter the ballot this year and have regretted that decision for some period of time – until I saw the weather forecast. With torrential rain, gales and storms forecast, I can’t say I feel like I’m missing out. Good luck to everyone rolling over the start line today.

So here I am, slightly sheepishly sat at home having also chosen to give the club run a miss today.

Am I a fair-weather cyclist? I don’t think so. I don’t mind riding in a bit of rain or cold weather. But I do admit that knowing it’s going to be raining HARD for the entire time I’m out is a bit of a deal-breaker for me.  After four or five hours getting wet, it doesn’t matter how good your waterproof gear is – you are going to be cold and pretty miserable. Certainly I would be.

On top of that, high winds are probably the most dangerous conditions to ride in. Side gusts can quickly move you off line (into the path of approaching vehicles), or stick you in the ditch. With the likelihood of standing water making riding close to the kerb even harder – I just decided that today the risks outweighed the rewards.  Was I right?